Jorvar Gyleon

The last knight of the Gyleon family


Full Name: Jorvar Gyleon
Alias: The Black Knight
Race: Human
Played by: Seb

Age: 26
Height: 6’1
Weight: 214lbs
Gender: Male

Jorvar is tall and athletic. He has shoulder length, wavy, dark hair. His eyebrows are thin and sharp, and across the right side of his chin is a white scar a few inches long. His face is bulky, but not in a particularly unattractive way. He breathes slow and heavy, and speaks with a low, English accent.

Normally, Jorvar wields a blackiron short sword, black flail, and black lance. He wears black plate with a tattered black cape, and a black medium shield with his family crest emblazoned on the front. The crest is a black shield, with a red rhinoceros in front. The colour black symbolizes grief, where the colour red symbolizes a warrior or martyr, and the rhinoceros symbolizes “Great rage when provoked”. He rides a male, black horse named Bane.

First Strike

(m) Phobia (Snakes)


Jorvar is the last descendant of a once honoured family of Knights. The knights used to be vassals to King Kordic (who was an ancient king ruling in a part of the land which is now Runevale), until one of them betrayed him. Since that day, his family was forever banished from the land.

It has been many years since anyone remembered who exactly betrayed the king or why, (aside from the Daimerus family and the royal family) and years since the land had changed and the banishment was no longer valid. However, Jorvar’s family turned to banditry, and became a long line of self-proclaimed “Knights” who would threaten travelers into paying for passage across roads, and bridges, in particular the bridge of Kordic. The crest which once held such honour in ancient days now was a sign of shame.

Jorvar became known as the Black Knight, stealing from those who wished to cross the bridge of Kordic. Perhaps taken from ancient traditions of the once honourable knights, Jorvar would ask challengers either for gold, or a duel. Jorvar’s preferred method of duel is the joust.

Jorvar encountered the Shields of Lorestone early on in their adventures (before they earned that title), and challenged them to combat since they refused to pay his toll. Quickly, he retreated as a swarm of giant bats flew down overhead. Quincy and Sir Eduard battled him as they chased him through the forest, but he was able to escape.

Jorvar Gyleon

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