Like a wave from the ocean


Full Name: Ma’Gra
Alias: Mags
Race: Orc
Played by: Shay

Age: 26
Height: 7’5
Weight: 370lbs
Gender: Female

A socially awkward, kindhearted woman with strong values; Ma’Gra finds it difficult to fit in with others but never stops being herself. Although she doesn’t feel empathy for others, she has a powerful sense of what is “right” and finds strength in doing it.

Powerfully built, with an air of “muscles you don’t want to mess with”. Earthy green skin from head to toe, broken up by black swirl tattoos down the sides of her head and chest. The sides of her faded blonde hair are shaved; the long remnants usually spiked into a moehawk or pulled back into a ponytail.

Fleet footed
Nerves of Steel
Double Shot
Mighty Shot

(M) Heroic
(M) Clueless
(m) Big Mouth
(m) Illiterate


Ma’Gra grew up an only child in Foundation Harbour in Gallatus. Born into a family of sailors, she was raised with an appreciation for the power of the sea. Her father taught her to play the conch shell, and many nights were shared in joyful duets. A strange, awkward, unsociable child; Ma’Gra found it difficult to make friends, even in the racially accepting land of Gallatus.

Ma’Gra never attended school. Instead, she began working the docks at a young age to help support her poor family, as her mother could not work. In her spare time, she trained to become strong alongside her father, who was a huge role model. He taught her to be a powerful, skilled fighter so that she could always look after herself.

One day, her father sent off on a standard sailing trip. The day he was due back home, 14-year old Ma’Gra ran to the docks to greet him and found only his conch shell, his good luck charm, washed up on shore. His ship never returned. Every night before the setting sun, Ma’Gra would stand on the dock and play her dad’s favourite song, hoping he would hear it and come back.

Inset into her father’s conch shell is an abalone ammonite swirl, a symbol of the great ocean goddess Osera. This led young Ma’Gra to the Temple of Osera in the outskirts of her hometown, where she joined others to pray for Osera to protect the missing crew. To this day, she believes he is still out there and that the ocean goddess will bring him home.

For years, Ma’Gra saved up money working primarily as a bodyguard on sailing missions. Her goal was to make enough that her mother could live comfortably while Ma’Gra went off to see more of the world and look for signs of her father. Once she accomplished this, fate took her to Runevale where Ma’Gra’s inherently strong sense of honor and justice lead her to join up with the others on their quest to do good in the world.


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