Just a whisper of wind in the dark night


Full Name: Vela
Race: Vulp
Played by: Shay

Family: Velari (Mother), Yaerpi (Father)
Age: 16
Height: 5’
Weight: 100lbs
Gender: Female

Markings of a typical black fox – black with silver back, shoulders, thighs, and around her face. Muzzle, ears, arms and tail are black, though tail has a white tip. Thin and short, but not scrawny. She has a long, messy, black mane that hits her mid-back at the longest, which she will often wear in braids.

Prefers to dress in black and shades of black. Wears dark leather armour and a dark cloak.


(m) Illiterate
(m) Stubborn
(M) Overconfident
(M) Wanted


A sassy young vulp who never learned her manners. Abandoned by her parents at a young age for unknown reasons, Vela has spent her childhood trying to carve out a home for herself in the world (with little luck). After being wrongly accused for murder, she fled to the slums of Whitestone where she now survives off of petty theft and occasional bouts of hard work.

Vela is goodhearted and passionate, but feels that she owes the world nothing in particular for the hand she’s been dealt. She will only go out of her way if it interests her (or offers a challenge). She is chatty and not afraid to speak her mind. In her spare time, she enjoys foraging, sneaking around on rooftops, and minding everybody else’s business.

She speaks common and Vulpish from a few years spent with a band of travelling Vulps, but is completely illiterate in both save for the occasional useful word she took the time to memorize (“Tavern”).


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