• ----Character Template----

    ----Character Template----

    Feel free to use this template for creating character pages! There is no need to follow the template exactly but it is a good guideline. Edges and Hindrances can be listed as they sometimes reveal interesting information, but it's completely optional.
  • Jorvar Gyleon

    Jorvar Gyleon

    The last knight of the Gyleon family
  • Ramu Daimerus

    Ramu Daimerus

    Ruler of Lorestone and Quincy's father, Lord Ramu is a considerate and caring leader
  • Rhosa


    A bitter warrior, fiery in spirit
  • Rookan Elderon

    Rookan Elderon

    A one-armed adventurer, blessed with Light Magic
  • Torak Turkanin

    Torak Turkanin

    The wise priest at the Water Temple in Lorestone