Ramu Daimerus

Ruler of Lorestone and Quincy's father, Lord Ramu is a considerate and caring leader


Full Name: Ramu Daimerus
Alias: Lord Ramu, Lord Daimerus
Race: Centaur
Played by: Seb

Family: Quincy Daimerus (Daughter), Layra Daimerus (Wife)
Age: 46
Height: 9’
Weight: 1,240
Gender: Male

Description: A large, powerfully built centaur with black hair on both his head and body, as well as a thick but clean black beard, a strong wide jaw and a charismatic, confident smile. (Unlike the picture, his ears are large and horse-like, like all centaur ears)


Lord Ramu Daimerus has been ruling over Lorestone for over twenty years, continuing the legacy of the Daimerus family who were one of the first noble families to follow the ancient king Kordic. Ramu has always tried his best to take care of his people, as well as raise and protect his daughter Quincy. Not many years after Quincy was born, Ramu’s wife Layra (who was respected and loved by many) was taken by the plague that swept through Runevale at the time. Ramu was deeply saddened by her death and grieved for many years, but resolved to continue to do his best to raise Quincy, teaching her the ways of the world, and how to defend herself.

Ramu continues to try to govern Lorestone with integrity and honour. With rising tensions among the lords, those close to him can see clearly that Ramu has been troubled lately.

Ramu Daimerus

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