A bitter warrior, fiery in spirit


Full Name: Rhosa
Alias: Rhosa the Exiled
Race: Human
Played by: Seb

Family: Father
Age: 20s
Height: 6’4
Weight: 260lbs
Gender: Female

Description: Tall, muscular and athletic, with flowing unkempt orange hair. Rhosa wears an assortment of hardened leather armour pieces at all times, as well as a gauntlet made of bones and tusks from her homeland Palron. She carries a ridiculously large steel sword, crafted by the Dwarves of Fross, but otherwise travels light to remain agile. She doesn’t often carry much in the way of food but is an excellent hunter and can kill prey by throwing her steel axe from a distance.


Rhosa comes from the land of Palron. Apparently her mentors told her she was too quick to make decisions in battle and out, and though her skill and sheer strength was admired by her people she was never honoured as highly as other master warriors, due to her in-ability for control.

After her father was killed by the Marauders of the West and she was banished from Palron for failing to defend her village, Rhosa swore vengeance against the Maruaders of the West. Going to seek King Tharis of Paledena to help her stop the Maruaders, she soon discovered that Tharis held no respect for her or her people and refused to help.

After that failure she turned to Runevale, travelling across the sea. When she spoke to King Eletram, he too brushed aside her pleas for help stating that he simply could not take such a risk and believe someone who he had no reason to trust. Lord Aeric, who had heard the conversation, spoke to Rhosa and offered to assist her and so they became companions.

When the Marauders began attacking Runevale, Rhosa and Lord Aeric were attacked on the road, but she was able to defend them. After interrogating the bandits Rhosa discovered that the Marauders had a hidden garrison of soldiers within Lorestone. Seeking help from Lord Ramu, and wishing to warn him of the danger, Rhosa travelled to Lorestone. Lord Ramu didn’t believe her, and so Rhosa left the city to find another way to combat the Marauders. Her information was correct however, and after the Shields of Lorestone confirmed it Ramu had them search the city discreetly for signs of their whereabouts.

Rhosa eventually travelled to Elenwal with Lord Aeric to help defend the city, but when they arrived the battle was already over.

After leaving and doing her own business for a while, she heard about the Marauders attack on Stalhelm and rushed to see if she could finally destroy the Marauders. When she arrived, the city had already been retaken by the Shields of Lorestone, but she was able to follow and meet up with the Shields for the final assault on Lord Jaul, the leader of the Maruaders of the West.

After fighting in the battle at the Marauder’s last fortress, Rhosa killed Lord Jaul without hesitation, despite not being in the battle with him.


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