Torak Turkanin

The wise priest at the Water Temple in Lorestone


Full Name: Torak Turkanin
Alias: Father Torak
Race: Hanshikan
Played by: Seb

Age: 54
Height: 5’10
Weight: 150lbs
Gender: Male

Description: Torak has large antlers, and a goat-like beard on his chin. He wears blue and grey robes with a simple gold-embroidered trim. His fur is a brownish grey colour, and he has intricately dyed the symbol of a raindrop on his forehead in a deep blue colour.


Torak claims to be blessed with the powers of foresight from Kishiko, who is said to govern fate. It is true that he has been able to predict many things, though most mages agree that while very rarely a person can be born with powers of sight or vague inclinations, it is unlikely that this is actual future-sight. Most believe the power allows one to sense things which either have happened or are happening, but can be interpreted in a way to guess at what the future might hold. Some believe however that it is possible to see visions of the future, and Torak strives to achieve a more clear way to use his abilities.

Torak has been Aria’s mentor for her time at the Water Temple, as well as many others throughout the years. He is the head priest of the Temple.

Torak Turkanin

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